Storymoto: the game story engine

Storymoto is a JavaScript game-story scripter and engine which can be easily integrated in your browser game development cycle for creating, testing and integrating game story scripts in the rest of your game. What the engine does is taking game-story scripts written in JavaScript and running them in both emulator mode or (of course) integrated in the real game, supporting maintaining state of environment, player and non-player characters.

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Read here how to set up and use the JavaScript engine:
basic user guide HTML - PDF

Gamamoto blog posts on Storymoto:

Demo game

We have put online a simple demo game that shows the basic features of the game-engine: play demo game.


Get the complete sources from GitHub:

The sources are relased under MIT license. If you find this engine useful, please consider making a donation (see below): Storymoto is produced by a small indie game startup.


A Q&A site on Storymoto.

Help the Storymoto project

You can help us bring the project forward with a small donation:

See here to learn more about who we are (blogs, Twitter streams, initiatives).

Contribute a game. If you've put together a game on the engine and you'd like to see it online, we'll be happy to publish it here. It will need to be released under MIT license too. Just write us about it at

A complete game. We at Gamamoto are producing a quite complex game on the Storymoto engine. The game is called Adslife and will be playable online here: Follow @gamamotogames on Twitter to keep in touch.

Coming soon: an e-book on the game-story engine structure and how to expand it to a complete game.

Storymoto is produced by Gamamoto, the gaming initiative of Open Lab